Willow Smith inspired hair style!

As we all know, Willow is becoming quite famous for her remarkable and unique cornrow styles, braided mohawks, and short funky hairstyles.

Bunny saw this one on Google Images a LONG time and I have been wanted to do it for a while but didn’t really knowing how to.

Anyway, I decided to cornrow her sides down and do mini twists for the loose part.

Sounds like a good idea, right?


The whole hairstyle turned out horrible so I had to switch it up completely. Grrr. Better luck next time!

The look we were going for….

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

…And the look we ended up with!


Alright so this wasn’t my best hairstyle, but I decided to do a post on anyway for two reasons.

The first one being this, always have a plan B. I think we’ve all been in a situation where our twist out wasn’t working for us or our cornrows kept going all funky. Always have a backup plan!

The other reason, it’s been a while since I posted any African American kids hairstyles so this was long overdue.

Sorry about that!

Bunny’s been wearing a lot of two strand twists lately, which really isn’t that exciting so I haven’t been taking pictures of her hair styles.


Alright so we started on a twist out hairstyle. Two days earlier I’d washed her hair with Original Sprout Natural Shampoo and conditioned with Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner.

Well, today I removed the twists and decided to style her hair on top of that.


I parted a rectangular section out, at the very top of her head. This is the “bangs” part, so I clipped those out of the way.

willowAfter that I did four side cornrows on either side of her head. As you can see, my parts were horrible! She still has a few scars on her scalp from her chicken pox, so I parted very gently with a wide tooth instead of a rat tail comb. Also, I added a little Licorice Root Scalp Elixir to her scalp to hopefully speed up the healing process.


I only cornrowed her hair until I ran out of room to make her braids stick to her head. After that, I switched to two strand twists. Twists hold in moisture better (on her head anyway) and they’re easier to remove.


Next, I began filling in the top and back of her head with twists, big fat ones in the back as pictured left above and thinner ones in the front.


The ones in the back were thicker than my thumb whereas the ones in the front were about as thin as a headphone wire. The mini twists took longer to put in than all the cornrows and twists combined.

She can wear her hair as a ponytail hairstyle


Or as an updo hairstyle


We will definitely play around with it, perhaps change it up a bit before moving on to her Valentine’s Day hairstyle! But what do you think, would Willow Smith be pleased??

Also, we used a new product for this hairstyle, which we’ll be posting a review on ASAP!

Thanks so much for reading and have a good one!

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