Wide Tooth Comb

Your wide tooth comb should one of the most used hair tools you own.

It’s there to help detangle your hair, to section it, to assist in washing it, and to smooth in natural hair conditioner, to name some of the most common uses.

Your wide tooth should be one of the first things you reach for besides your Denman brush!

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This comb is absolutely essential for combing out wet hair, which is hair’s most fragile state. It is also useful for really tangled, dry hair. Your wide-tooth comb should have smooth, coated tips and one that will help to GENTLY remove any snags and tangles.

Best results are achieved by starting at the bottom of a section of your hair and working your way up.

You can purchase a wide-tooth comb at any beauty store. You might consider getting two, a regular one and one with a hook to keep in the shower. Your comb should be made of hard plastic or rubber, never metal.

TIP! Wash all your combs and brushes once a week in warm, soapy water. Make sure to get between all the little teeth. Rinse well in cold water and allow to air dry.

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Before you start any hairstyle, especially children’s hairstyles, use this comb to comb through already detangled hair so you don’t braid knots into the hair, which will be harder to get out in the future.

Remember, it’s best to finger detangle before you ever pick up any type of comb or brush.

Combs can’t “feel” knots like your fingers can.

Also, take your time and take break if needed.

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