Updo Hairstyle & Hair Buns!

Finding the perfect updo hairstyle for your special occasion should be both fun and rewarding!

So whether your hair is short or long, get ready to find the hairstyle you’ve been looking for!

Here you’ll learn how to do several different types of hair buns and up-dos, as well as view pictures of the buns themselves and comment on hairstyles.


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Updo Hairstyle, Updo Hair Styles, Hair Buns, & More!:

Casual Updo Tutorial
This Casual Updo hair style is unique and protective and fast! You can dress it up with ribbons or doing a different bun in the back or by using a fancier type of braided headband.

Giant Braided Bun Tutorial
I proudly present my first ever flower girl hairstyle! The lovely ladies at Diary of a Hair Princess were looking for a special updo that could be worn with halo and this is what I came up with.

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Curly Hair Updo
A personal best in the curly hair updos category, I did this twist hairstyle after I got a request for a hair style that pulled all your hair up and that could be worn by someone in the military.

Twisted Pinned Hair Twists Tutorial
You will love this curly hair updo! I started by doing four flat twists on either side of her head, but cornrows would look just as good. I picked flat twists over cornrows because I thought they’d be easier to do than cornrows. Eight flat twists all together, and then I did regular two strand twists with the rest of her hair.

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Easy Bunned Mohawk
You will love this Bun Mohawk!Wondering how to style curly hair when you only have twenty minutes for hair time? This bun Mohawk makes one of my favorite African American kids hairstyles yet! It all happened because Bunny’s freshly washed, conditioned, detangled, and stretched hair was starting to tangle up really badly and I really needed to tie it down somehow or another.

Flat Twisted Updo Tutorial
This Curly Updo hairstyle was designed and submitted by the fabulous KandLandKurls children’s hair blog.

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Mini Buns Tutorial
This Mini Buns hairstyle is both cute and practical! Lately I’ve gotten into adorning hairstyles with braids and cornrows, instead of ribbons or beads. However, as you can see, this hairstyle has braids, cornrows, and beads!

Messy Bun Tutorial
Achieving the perfect Messy Bun is really quite easy. You don’t need any special skills or tools to get this look, either.

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The Ballet Bun
The Ballet Bun is a great choice for hair of all colors, textures, and lengths. It looks great as a finishing touch to your attire or as a way to keep bangs and hair up on younger kids.

Braided Updo Tutorial
Braided Updos make great protective styles. The only problem? Most braided updos are too serious looking for a little girl. So, with that in mind, I created a one of a kind, kiddy updo! It took the whole length of Toy Story 3 and two breaks to get my younger sister to sit still, but I think I pulled it off. I wanna hear you think of it!

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Cute Easy Braided Bun
Check out this cute, easy plated Bun! For retaining length, protective styles are a must – and this cute braided bun does the job while being super kid friendly, too!

Cutsy Easy Braided Bun Tutorial
This updo hairstyle is awesome for two reasons. The first one being that it was designed especially for older girls. And secondly, because it’s featured on an awesome site called Tweeny Hair made just for older curly haired girls.

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