Updo Bun

This updo bun is awesome for two reasons.

The first one being that it was designed especially for older girls.

And secondly, because it’s just so darn cute!

Bunny got so many compliments on this updo that we will have to re-visit it some time soon!


You’ll Need:


Start by thoroughly detangling hair. Then, using your rat tail comb, make a smooth part in the front for the braided headband.

I choose to do a slightly prettier version by doing a zig zag part on the right side of her head.

Next, I did two rows of box braids for a total of nine braids in the back.

Since this style is a protective hairstyle, I didn’t use rubber bands on the ends of the braids and I recommend you do the same.


Now brush the rest of the hair up into a ponytail, where you want the bun to rest.

This is the part where I did the woven braid pattern in the back and secured it with bobby pins.


Using a chopped and rolled sock, make a ballet bun. Click link for further instructions on making a ballet bun. After that, use the loose hair hanging out from the bun to make a cornrow all the way around the bun.

And you’re finished! No need to add ribbons or beads on this style, because it decorated itself!

Thank you so much for checking out this hair post!

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