Two Strand Twists Tutorial

Two strand twists tutorial!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done any kind of two strand twist hairstyle, so these hair twists took a little longer than they usually do.

Also, I’ve been trimming my little sister’s hair A LOT lately, so not much hair growth =(.


For styling the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

Before styling!

I began by sending B in the shower to wash her hair with ENJOY Sulfate-Free Shampoo. I’m not married to shampoo at all, I like it, but I prefer Queen Helene Royal Curl Shampoo but, sadly, we are running a little low on that one =(.

Once her hair was all cleansed, I began detangling – loading each section up with the conditioner, detangle with fingers first, and then finishing up with a Denman brush.

And finally I had several clean, detangled, conditioned ponytails all ready for styling!

TIP! If you have fine hair, you will probably want to wash all the conditioner out. If you have thick hair, like my little sister does, then you can get away with leaving the conditioner in the hair.

It’s a personal choice!

Alrightly, so I started in the back, pinching off one inch by one inch sections and began twisting the pieces together.

I try to keep the sections as even as possible and keep the tension even as well.

TIP! DO NOT ‘borrow’ little pieces of hair from the other side of the twist. If you do this, your twist out will be frizzy towards the ends.

I like to use two products for the twisting process – a moisturizing leave in conditioner and a then another product (a shea butter or oil based product) on top of that for “hold”.

This makes for the prettiest twist outs!

Hopefully you found this tutorial helpful!

Stay curly!

How do you do your twist outs? Any advice for the other subscribers?? Leave it all below! Thanks!

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