Mini Two Strand Twists

Mini two strand twists!

Bunny’s black hair twists didn’t take nearly as long as I feared they might and the process wasn’t half as hard as I expected it to be either!


We hope to get at least a month out of this twist hairstyle!

I am extremely pleased with how this hair style turned out! I can’t believe that my fingers didn’t fall off!

Mini twists on natural hair!!!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

For this style, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Mini two strand twists on natural hair!!!

I began by thoroughly washing Bunny’s hair with Mixed Chicks Shampoo, then I followed behind that with a twenty minute Mixed Chicks deep condition, and then applied a generous amount of the Mixed Chicks awesome leave in conditioner! Lastly, I left her hair to dry in the hair style pictured below.

This is the style that I put my little sisters hair into. Here you can see that I did twelve Ghana Braids so her hair was still moisturized, soft, parted, and all ready for styling when we were finally ready!

Here was the size of each section and she ended up with twelve of these sections. I did four sections a day and twisted over the course of three days.

I took one section down at a time, added a little Beija-Flor Natural Crème Brulee, and parted her hair on slant as shown left.

Once parted, I changed each little strip into about four mini two strand twists. Some sections ended up with more hair twists, others had a little less. I continued parting and twisting at an angle until I completed a section, then moved on to the next one.

Here is what her hair looked like at the end of day 1.

And here is what her hair looked like at the end of day 2.

First off, I am a little surprised at just how thick her twists ended up being! I made them very small in hopes of her hair being thinner, which would be easiest for her wash, condition, and moisturize on her own.

Oh well, live and learn!

Day one she rocked a hair feather on side, day two she rocked three hair feathers in her mini twists, and who knows about day three?!

We’re both excited to try out different styles on her minis! Stay tuned for updates, more pictures, and more!

What did you think of this natural hairstyle? Will you be trying mini twists? Let us know in the comment box below!!

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