Mini Two Strand Twists Tutorial

Welcome to our mini two strand twists tutorial

I did this protective style last winter and decided it was time that we revisit it for a few weeks. 

We only do mini twist hairstyles in the winter because they don’t do that well against lots of heat or swimming (e.i. summer), so this is definitely more of a winter style! 

All fancy!!

For twisting the hair you’ll need:

Products used:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

How cute!

The process for minis is really quite simple! I first shampooed her hair. I like to shampoo the hair twice when it’s going to be in protective style for a while.

Twists don’t last very long when they get wet a lot, so we won’t be washing every week. I’m not sure when we’ll wash her hair, so I’ll keep you all posted on that!

After the washing, I deep conditioned her hair and detangled using only my fingers. I DO NOT use combs or brushes to detangle B’s hair because they cause unnecessary breakage on her 4B/C curls.

Next, I completely rinsed her hair and let it stretch. If you’re unsure about stretching, check out this detailed post right here.

Once her hair was all prepped, I started her two strand twists. It really wasn’t that bad! I parted on a slant and it results in all kinds of crazy, wild parts and that’s okay!


Q: How did you stretch out her hair for twisting?

A: I stretched her hair in six different banded ponytails. I left the banded ponies in for about 48 hours. Leave them in for a more stretched out look or less for more shrinkage! 

Q: How long did they take?

A: I did four of the six sections on the first day and then finished the following morning. All together (not including breaks) I spent about six hours twisting. 

Q: Did you twist on wet or dry hair?

A: I did this style on dry, tangle-free, stretched hair. 

Q: What products did you use?

A: I shampooed with BB, DC’d with BB, rinsed, applied a generous amount of the Butter Me Up, and stretched her hair for 48 hours. Lastly, I removed the bands, added coconut oil, and began twisting. 

Q: How long will they last?

A: Because I didn’t make them as small as I wanted to, it’s probably gonna be hard but I want them to last at least six weeks. 

Q: How often will you moisturize? 

A: Every two to four days, depending on when her hair feels like it needs it. I use Blended Beauty Butter Me Up to moisturize =). 

Q: What steps did you take to insure her hair wouldn’t unravel? 

A: A lot of it (sorry wavier naturals) has to do with the texture of the hair. The curlier the hair, the easier it is for the twist to be held in. I applied the products and twisting the hair all the way to the end, nothing fancy. 

Q: How will you remove them?

A: I will completely saturate her hair with cheap conditioner, cover with shower cap, wrap with a warm towel, and let the twists get nice and fat, and THEN I will remove them! 

The whole style took a little less than I expected and I’m excited to see how it ages!

Once we remove this style, it will be time to straighten B’s hair for her eleventh birthday.

I will share pics of that soon!

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