Changing up a Twist Hairstyle

I think everyone likes a twist hairstyle.

It’s a great hairstyle because you can do it on any length, texture, and on wet or dry hair.

I just wanted to create a page that highlights a few of the MANY different ways you can wear your two strand twists, rope twists, sister twists, and three strand twists!


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african american wedding hairstyles

I great way to change your twists up is by adding a simple headband. It can be one you made, bought, one you got as a gift, whatever. Super easy and pretty darn cute, too!

twist hairstyle

Do an updo! You can wear it to work, as a wedding hairstyle, or quick way to get your hair off your neck! I also added a flower but that’s optional.

cornrow hairstyle

For this style, I did five side cornrows before I two strand twisted the rest of her hair. Simple and just a bit out of the ordinary. The twist out was absolutely beautiful!

black curly hair styles

Putting cornrows in the front before twisting the hair makes a cute ‘do. Beads at the end is also something you could do.

black curly hair styles

This hairstyle was actually an accident hairstyle. What I did was I Dutch Braided the twists, leaving them in their pony-tailed sections.

How about doing side cornrows on both sides for a braided mohawk look? I LOVE mohawks, and this was one of my very favorite hairstyles.

hairstyles for african american hair

More side cornrows! I did a full side this time though. I think Bunny got my compliments on this style than any other one before

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