Trendy Short Hairstyles

For those of you who’ve request more trendy short hairstyles, this one for you!

I will try to do more African American short hairstyles because there’s a very high demand for them!

And by the way, I LOVE side ponytail hairstyles.

I think they’re beautiful but a little more feminine than regular braided ponytails.

So anyway, here’s a hair style that I did on my older sister a long time ago but didn’t get around to posting until today.

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

How to do this natural hair style:

I began by parting my sister’s hair in half, clipping the back section out of the way and cornrowing just the front.

Overall it was an incredibly easy hair style to do and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is just learning how to cornrow!

The pictures below will explain better than I can!

A tip to people how are learning how to cornrow is this: be patient.

I’ve been braiding hair for four years and believe me when I say it gets easier! I can do hair styles now that would have reduced me to tears if I had tried to do them years before.

The more you cornrow, the more your braid, the easier it gets! And, of course, the better you get!

Thank you so much for reading! Many more short hairstyles for curly hair coming soon! Feel free to check out one fo our other pages below!

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