Tree Braids

Tree braids are becoming more and more popular due to the very unique look and styles that you can do with this hairstyle.

So, how do they work?

They work by the way there are cornrowed in, leaving out pieces of hair as the extensions are braided in.

This gives them that “free” hair look that I absolutely love.

Imagine all your hair up and protected, yet still being about to change up your hairdo every day?

Pretty tempting.

Tree Braids:


The braids last 2-3 months with the right care and maintenance.

One downside to this style is that finding a braider who can properly install them may pose a bit of a challenge, since it is a specialty hair style.

However, once installed, they do last a while and allow for a very beautiful protective style.

They take less time to put in than regular box braids and definitely less time than micro braids (average 4-6 hours or more).


You can use any length of hair, from above shoulder length all the way to the middle of your back.

They give a free flowing natural look that’s impossible to get with regular braids.

The braiding technique used for this hair style is more secure than adding weave tracks that can loosen and even (God forbid) fall out.


This style lets you completely hide your hair away to give it a break from chemicals, heat styling, combing, and brushing. Which means more length retaining!

The style can be done on both natural hair and relaxed hair, making it the ideal transitioning hairstyle.

Another thing about these braids is that you can use an extension with a different curl pattern than your own. For example, try something straight even though your hair is course or something crinkled if you have a straighter curl pattern.

You could leave the braids long and see if long hair is something you want to work for or not. Or many try out a different color before you take the plunge and dying your hair.

Overall, this seems like a really great hairstyle! Not something that I’d wear for myself, though, but I love the look of them nonetheless!

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