Summer Hairstyles for Curlies!

These summer hairstyles are designed for pulling curly hair up and out of the way, while keeping you fashionable.

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summer hairstyles

Don’t forget to “love” these Summer Hair Styles!!!

Summer Hairstyles:

Bun Hairstyle Tutorial
This Bun Hairstyle was inspired by an email that I got from Rihanna K. in New York. Check out the message below and let me know if you have/had the same problem!

Rope Twisted Ponytail Tutorial
I wanted to do rope twists; Bunny wanted a braided Mohawk, so I combined the two for this hairstyle! I did this hairstyle on previously styled hair and I think it turned out great! What do you think?

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Braided Ponytailed Twists Tutorial

This is another one of my many black hair curly styles. The challenge with this style is that I wanted to do some type of hair twists for a twist out (it’s been long time since one of those), but one of my sisters absolutely HATES twists with a fierier passion.

Side Cornrows W/ Chunky Two Stand Twists Tutorial
Need more curly hairstyles? Here’s another one for the summer collection! Enjoy! This style is one that I did for her to wear to the beach. I’m hoping her twists will withstand the salty water, but we’ll see!

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Half Cornrows to Puff Tutorial
This is one for my African American short hair styles collection and I did it on my fourth oldest sister. I’ve been trying to get ALL six of my sisters on the website for quite some time. I’m getting closer!

Half Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Name: Black hairstyles medium hair length half Mohawk with beads. (Meaning this style was designed for medium hair length.) Sorry if the style name doesn’t really make any sense, it was named by a nine year old…

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Alicia Keys Cornrows Tutorial
I did some Alicia Keys cornrows last night on one of my older sisters! She’d never had beads in her hair before but she loves them. I’m still pretty new at replicating styles, but I think this one turned out pretty well.

Heart Cornrows Tutorial
So I had the pleasure of doing my second cousins hair the other day. At first I was a little bit nervous after hearing several relatives talk about just how tendered headed she was! Check out the experience and the style here!

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Girly Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Mohawk hairstyles for naturally curly hair anyone? Bunny’s first gymnastics competition of the season is tomorrow so I let her decide what her style would be. (Yes, I’ll admit that more than half the time I’m a horrible older sister and pick her styles for her, which, in my defense, she always loves regardless).

Quick School Hairstyle Tutorial
Need quick school hairstyles for those mornings that you need to hurry and get out the door? This is an undo’s (but I forgot to take a picture of the actual bun but have pictures of ponytail) for all the mothers who don’t like people touching their children’s hair – and let’s face it, there hundreds of kids at school and loose hair is an easy target to touch.

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Don’t forget to “love” these Summer Hairstyles!!!

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Why Wear Braids Or Twists?

Braids and twists can be worn for many reasons: to give your hair a rest from daily wear and tear, as a protective hair style or simply because you enjoy the beauty of the hairstyle.

You Don’t Need To Care For Braided Hair!

This statement is wrong. Although your hair is braided or twisted, there is still some care you must provide, such as washing and conditioning, which are always required to keep it healthy and strong.

How Should I Care For My Cornrowed Hair?

I strongly recommend washing your braids with a mild shampoo while wearing a stocking cap to preserve your style!

If you’d like to send in pictures of your cornrow styles to my site or show how my styles turned out for you, please comment. You can also suggest future hairstyles or just say “Hi” to all the other naturals!

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