Straight Hair Styles

We love straight hair styles!

I straightened the little ones hair yesterday afternoon and got quite a few emails asking about how to straighten hair.

Well, here’s a page that will hopefully answer all your questions!

On this page you’ll find both step-by-step pictures and a some hair straightening tips, too!

Keep in mind that before I straightened her hair, I made sure that it was healthy enough to take the heat and that it was something that she wanted.

I almost didn’t straighten it because she was a little doubtful about the process. (She was afraid to get burned.)

Nope, she didn’t get burned and she’s very pleased the results so it’s a win-win!

All the tools and products I used:

coconut oil for hair coconut oil for hair


I thoroughly washed and conditioned her hair with Royal Curl Stay Rich Shampoo & Royal Curl Moisturize Rich Conditioner. When her hair was still wet, I put it in Ghana plaits. For more that hair style, click here!


Pictured left is what one of the hair plaits looked like before I did anything to it. It was in a hair bun so it was sort of curly. I took one Ghana plait out at a time and finger detangled, pulling all the shed hair out that I could.


Pictured left is what her hair looked like after finger detangling. I added a little bit of coconut oil and smoothed it through as evenly as I could.


Pictured left is what her hair looked like after I combed it through with a Denman brush and wide tooth comb.


Pictured left is what her hair looked like after I straightened it. I did it in thin, horizontal two inch sections, going over her hair two or three times with the straightener.


I did that to her whole head, taking my time and finished in about one and half hours. We didn’t take any breaks because we were in a hurry.

It was fun to see all of her hair length but I won’t be straightening her hair that much because it’s not practical for her lifestyle. She works out a lot and needs to rinse her hair twice a week at least because of that.

Hope that answers all your questions and contact me here if I missed something that you wanted to know! And be on the lookout for straight hair styles!

Thanks so much for reading this page: Straight Hair Styles.

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