Step By Step Hairstyles


Step by step hairstyles instructions for naturals of all ages!

Some of these styles will be braids for long hair while other styles will be curly hairstyles for short hair!

Some of these will be cute easy hairstyles while others will be a little bit harder!

Heads up that I plan on doing lots of Mohawk hairstyles this summer!

It’s our favorite!

Stay tuned for more!


Cute Step By Step Hairstyles!!!

Mini Two Strand Twists Tutorial
Welcome to our mini two strand twists tutorial! I did this protective style last winter and decided it was time that we revisit it for a few weeks.

Pompadour Tutorial
Here is our how to do an updo tutorial! This style allows you to make lots of different easy step by step hairstyles (and curly hair updos when you remove the two strand twists!) and can easily be accessorized!

braidedBraided Bands Tutorial

Hi there! Cute hair styles anyone? After I took down my little sister’s latest pompadour hairstyle, I started looking around for cornrow hairstyles that would work for an active ten year old.

Pompadour Tutorial
Dying to know how to do an updo pompadour hairstyle? Sadly, thanks to Pinterest and Facebook, we’ve already seen it all – half updo hairstyles, curly wedding updos, updos for long hair, updos for short hair, etc, but I’m betting you’ve never seen one like this before!

Braided Headband Box Braid Tutorial
Our box braid, braided headband hair tutorial! First off, these only took five hours!!! Several months ago, I did micro braids in B’s hair they took FOREVER and the process scared me a little bit.

Easy Bun Tutorial
Easy bun hair styles! This is a requested post on how we do our hair buns! We bun hair a lot around here because it’s more protective than ponytail hairstyles!

Two Strand Twist Tutorial
Two strand twists tutorial! It’s been awhile since we’ve done any kind of two strand twist hairstyle, so these hair twists took a little longer than they usually do.

Twist Out Tutorial
I’ve done several twist hairstyle and two strand twist hair posts before, but this is the first time I’ve done a post on the complete care, maintenance, and removal of the hair style!

braidedSophisticated Braided Mohawk Tutorial
More step by step hairstyles anyone? Because of how well B’s latest cornrows style held up, this was the first time I’ve done B’s hair in almost three weeks!

Easy Two Strand Tutorial W/ Colorful Headband
This is a super easy two strand twist hairstyle for little girls! After removing B’s braided Mohawk, I decided to put her hair in some two strand twists to give her scalp a little rest.

braidedCutesy Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Braided Mohawk hairstyle for African American natural hair! This is a free style cornrow hair designs with lots of juicy two strand twists! I started to do fishbone cornrows, but B insisted on a Mohawk!

Heart iVersion Cornrowed Ponytail
Fishbone braid tutorial! Although the heart cornrows are nice, I really only did the style because I loved the side fish bone braid. This natural hairstyle was inspired by a picture of a cornrow high ponytail hair do I saw on CHIB hair blog.

braidedFishbone Braid Tutorial
Fishbone braids (also called Iversion braids) is when smaller cornrows braided together to form one bigger cornrow. I’ve been experimenting with different cornrow hair designs on lately and I love the way iversions look!

Simple Twists Tutorial
For those of you who’ve been requesting cute easy hairstyles with braids, this one is for you! This style has an extremely simple cornrow hair designs in the front with Bunny’s signature two strand twist hairstyle in the back!

braidedTwisted Tutorial
I’ve gotten seven requests for wedding half updos in the last week alone, so this style was long over do! I’ve actually done a few updo wedding hairstyles in the past, but this is my new favorite!

Easy Braid Out Tutorial
Braid outs on long natural hair make some of the most beautiful curly long hairstyles ever! This is one of the many easy hair styles for long hair (and this style works for short hair too!) that I will be experimenting more with this summer.

braidedTwisted Tutorial
As requested: easy hairstyles for long hair. Alrightly, so I’ve always been intrigued by the many different African braid styles that I’ve seen over the years so I thought I might just try one. Take note that I am not African and this style may or may not be African (or Ethiopian).

Two Strand Twists w/ Braided Roots Tutorial
Welcome! We did this super cute twist braid hairstyle two weeks ago and we loved the results! What makes these two strand twists different than other twist hairstyles is that you braid the roots first, then twist the hair to the end.

braidedSide Cornrows & Two Strand Twists Tutorial
Wondering how to do cornrows?
I get asked that question more than anything else when it comes to cornrow hair designs and cornrows in general. Here are some step by step hairstyles for you!

Cornrow Braids W/ Box Braids Tutorial
Check out our latest cornrow braid protective hairstyle!
I wanted to do a hairstyle that including both box braids and a cornrow hair design!

Braided Updo Tutorial
Check out our braided updo tutorial! I’ve been wanting to do another type of pompadour hairstyle for a while, but I couldn’t seem to find the right inspiration.

Pompadour Tutorial
I learned how to do an updo not too long ago so you will definitely be seeing a lot of braided updo hairstyles in the future. For those of you who are looking for cute curly wedding updos and wedding half updos, I think this would be perfect!

Cornrowed Updo Tutorial
Welcome back! This is my latest natural curly black hair style and I’ve been dying to share it! By now it’s quite clear that I am a HUGE fan of pompadour hairstyles and updo hairstyles!

Pompadour Tutorial
Welcome back! For those of you looking for French braid hairstyles, look for further! I love protective styles and updo hairstyles so I decided to combine the two!

Braided Updo Bun Tutorial
The latest of my braid hair styles! This braided updo was inspired by, get this, water! I was drinking a glass of water when this style popped into my head, lol.

Cornrowed Updo Tutorial
I’ve been doing a lot of African-American/black updo hairstyles because they make fabulous protective styles. We have done several easy updos, so this is one for more advanced braiders!

Lady GaGa Twisted Bow Tutorial
I’ve done cornrow braids of all styles and I’ve discovered that incorporating both cornrow braids and two strand twists make a very interesting result.

Fierce Kiddie Pompadour Tutorial
This adorable little cornrows styles incorporates cornrows and two strand twists to form a stylish pompadour, protective hair style.

Fashion Show Candy Braids Tutorial
I know you’re gonna love these cool braids! So, Bunny and I are gearing up for a really candy themed hair show at my school. She’s a sour patch kid, which is why her hair is a really love extreme than anything I normally do.

Box Braids Hairstyles Tutorial
I get so many requests for cute box braids hairstyles, so I’m stoked to be sharing this post with you all today. Here you’ll learn how to do box braids as well as different styles that can be done with those braids.

Easy Protective Updo Tutorial
As requested, more updo hairstyles for long hair! You can never do too many easy updo hairstyles!

Many more step by step hairstyles coming very soon!

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