Are Sister Locks For You?

Sister locks (much thinner than regular dread locks) are becoming more and more common in the African-American hair community.

I am even starting to notice Caucasians and even a few Japanese people getting in on the dreads too!

Sister Locks are so pretty!

Keep reading for pictures and more!

sister locks=
Photo courtesy of Sweetamix3. Used with permission.

So what is it about the hairstyle that really appeals to so many people?

Sister Locks:

It’s not a hands-on hairstyle
It’s true. Even though it takes several years to own mature locks, this natural hairstyle never needs to be colored or straightened, relaxed or worn in protective hairstyles. Don’t get me wrong, I love my natural hair, but it does require more care than locks would.

sister locks=
Photo courtesy of Sweetamix3. Used with permission.

Locks open the door for creative hairstyles
A little while ago, I saw one of the most interesting hairstyles at the super market. It was a cornrow hairstyle done on very long locks and the ends were twisted into a stylish updo bun. It was pretty cool because, at the time, I didn’t realize how creative you can get with locks.

They’re their own statement
The cool thing about them is that they’re getting more and more common, but yet, are still unique. It’s not every day (depending on where you live) that you get to see them, so it has that going for it.

sister locks=
Photo courtesy of Sweetamix3. Used with permission.

However, the two biggest draws backs…
1. Many people aren’t educated on them and don’t realize they aren’t “dirty”. As a matter of fact, I had the pleasure of talking to a woman with dreads and she broke it down to me on WHY dreads can look a little dull, and maybe even a little dirty.

The fact is that the shampoo used to wash them leaves behind a residue on the dreads, giving them a slight dull appearance. Not always and that’s not the case for everyone, but that was her dreads’ problem. Ironically though, seeing as the shampoo is so plentiful throughout the style, wouldn’t that make it a very clean style?

2. Although they are versatile, they aren’t as versatile as loose hair is. The only reason I’m hesitate to lock my own hair is because I won’t be able to do all the hairstyles that I currently can. Win some lose some, right?

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