Shampoo for Natural Hair

Shampoo for natural hair seems to be a really big thing in the natural hair community, because people often think it’s that or no poo.

I do believe that the no poo method is a good one and should be used at least half of the times you wash your hair.

Conditioner and shampoo are only somewhat interchangeable though. Conditioners build up the hair and moisture it.


Shampoos strip, more or less, the hair of dirt and oils, both wanted and unwanted. You need to return the moisture once the hair is clean.

So if you just washed your hair the day before and it’s dirty again, then yeah, I say do the no poo and save the shampoo (sorry for the rhyme) for next time.

With that said, you need to use a shampoo for natural hair every once in awhile. It’ll be one that’s pH balanced.

african american wedding hairstyles

My Little Sisters Two Stranded Twisted Clean, Wet Hair

To shampoo hair the correct way, start by sectioning your hair into four parts, and wash with the shampoo of your choice. Deep Conditioner for at least twenty minutes. Your hair is now clean and softened. Add conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle, starting from ends and working your way up your hair.

I usually do twists now, and rock a twist out a few days later. This way my hair is stretched and ready for braiding or flat twisting or whatever.

With that said, let me go over a few of the shampoos that I use, used, liked, and didn’t like.
Right now I’m only using one shampoo, and that’s Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo by Naked. I’m not picky about conditioners, but I am about my shampoo and I love this one.

Dirty hair from her box braids, already to get her hair washed!

Almost everyone is using Herbal Essences now. There are five different brands of their shampoo sitting in my shower right. I think it’s because the way they have the shampoo with the cute names and matching conditioner that makes them so much fun to buy!

My review:

  • None of Your Frizziness

  • This one works best out of the four. It does help with frizz and has a mango smell. It strips hair pretty harshly though, so you have to be mindful of that. I no longer use or buy this one.

  • Totally Twisted

  • Curls hair a little more than I thought it would, but not by much. It’s filled with sulfates and murdered my hair. More than three fourths on a bottle is still sitting in my bathroom.

  • The Reconditioning One

  • Nothing special about it. Stripped the hair pretty bad.

  • Dangerously Straight

  • Hated this one. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

I’ve heard a lot about the Dove Shampoo, so I’ll be testing that one out soon, but I’d love to hear anything you guys have to say about natural shampoos and regular shampoos! Click here for my page on Conditioners!

My shampoo’s ingredents:
Naked by Essations Moisture Whip Shampoo ingredients: Citric acid, disodiumm cocamphodipropionate, Dm Dm hydantion, ethylene glycol monostearate, frangrance, hydrolyzed collagen, lauranide DEA, Methocel 40-101, polyquaterium-10, sodium laureth sulface, water

Thanks for checking out this updated page on shampoo for natural hair! Have a good one!

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