Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are my absolute favorite hair twist out there!

I did them on my older sister and I loved how long, skinny they are.

I’ve wanted to get these for several months now but I still haven’t.

Maybe I will.

Know knows?

On to the hairstyle!

Senegalese twists=
Senegalese twists photo courtesy of DOLA | Photography. Used with permission.

It doesn’t matter of your hair is natural or relaxed; you can do it with either one.

It also is is an AMAZING transitioning hairstyle and you can wear them really short or really long, or somewhere in the middle if you prefer.

This style is easy to maintain and quite easy to remove because it involves one piece of hair twisting around the other one.


You can do them with your own natural hair, also called Rope Twists, or use extensions.

senegalese twists=
Senegalese twists photo courtesy of DOLA | Photography. Used with permission.

I’ve seen a lot of people with black twists, with a few blonde ones thrown in here and there; as well as people with black ones with a few red ones thrown in.

Start with washed, conditioned, detangled hair for the best results.

You can blow dry your hair or allow it to air-dry. Doesn’t really matter as long as the hair is dry.

Begin with a small section of hair. The smaller you section the hair, the smaller the twists will be. Use hair clips (I like jaw clips) to keep the rest of the hair out of the way for twisting.

Separate the piece of hair into two equal sections. Start twisting each section to the right until it starts to coil on itself – an inch or so will do.

If you’re adding in extensions, take a piece long enough to twist all the way past the ends of your hair (to however long you want to twists) and bend it across the two sections of your own hair.

Take the two (2) coiled sections of hair and take the piece in your right hand over the piece in your left hand once.

Coil the sections to the right again, then take the piece in your right hand over and under the piece in your left hand again.

TIP! If you know how to do rope twists, this will be super easy because it’s the SAME thing!

Finish styling by (carefully) dipping the ends of your braids into a bowl of boiling hot water to seal the ends. Repeat until the entire head is finished.

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