Rope Twists

I wanted a hairstyle with rope twists; Bunny wanted a braided Mohawk.

I was running a little short on time, so instead of taking out her previous hairstyle, the protective bun hairstyle, I merely took one braid out at a time, re-did it, then moved on to the next cornrow.

I think the hairstyle turned out pretty well, seeing as I didn’t really put any thought into it and I learned how to do rope twists that day.

Now, before anyone get’s any ideas, I don’t recommend that you start skipping wash days when you feel like it.

Her hair was still moisturized, soft, smelled good, and wasn’t very tangled, and I was short on time, so I skipped one wash day.


You’ll Need: Wide Tooth Comb, Rat Tail Comb, Hair Moisturizer, Hair Clips, Rubber Bands


This was her old hairstyle and I used the same parts, only modifying a few things

Begin by parting the hair in half (yes, you guessed it) from ear-to-ear, and clipping the back section out of the way for now.

Now for the cornrows in the front, you want them to wrap around the head like if you were doing a braided ponytail hairstyle, and not straight back.


This is her old hairstyle (after several days of swimming) and I used these same parts, only modifying a few things

TIP! Make sure you tie off the cornrows with rubber bands when you run out of room to cornrow, and then do the twists.


Here is how you do the criss-cross cornrows.

Once the cornrows in the front are done, clip them out of the way and start on the back.

Part the back section from the top all the way down towards the nape of the neck. Start doing cornrows going towards the center part, like braided Mohawk cornrows.


Front View

TIP! Make sure you tie off the cornrows with rubber bands when you run out of room to cornrow, finishing off with your choice of twists.


First length check since I cut her hair

I love the way this hairstyle turned out and I really like the twists.

They do take longer than two strand twists, so I wouldn’t recommend them very small, but they are very pretty.

I will being doing a twist-out a few days later and I can’t wait to see the results from that.

LIKE this style right here! Thanks!

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