Rope Braid

The rope braid is probably one of the easiest types of braids you can master.

You can dress this braid up by adding ribbons or flowers, or by doing a braided headband across the front.

This was actually the very first hair style that I learned.

LOL, time flies!

For this hairstyle you’ll need:

Start by combing the hair backwards until smooth of any lumps or knots. It’s easier to do if the hair is slightly damp.

Comb hair back into a smooth, high ponytail.

Split the hair into two parts. Take one part and start twisting it around the other section, the same way you’d do two-strand-twists. Make sure not to let go.

Once you’ve gotten to the end, add other ponytail holder to keep from unraveling. And ta da, you’re finished! Dress up with other hair accessories if desired!

You can also do two of this little rope braids on little ones!

This hairstyle is also know as a two strand twist.

This type of braid would make a really cute Crown Braid!

The thing I love the most about this kind of braid is that it is soooooooo easy!

You can learn it just by looking at it and you can also do this braid before you bun your hair. That helps keep flyaways at bay!

Don’t like this style?

No problem!

Try one of these instead…Braided Headband, Four Strand Braid, Dutch Braid or Fishtail Braid.

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You never know who you might just inspire 😉

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