Really Cute Short Hairstyles

This page features really cute short hairstyles!

There are a lot of trendy new short hairstyles out there, so don’t be afraid to ditch your long hair for something different!

I will also try to do both short hairstyles for thin hair and super short hairstyles, as these are often requested for.

I did a quick page that covered a couple different African American short hairstyles, but I wanna do this one as well because there’s been over 2,000 (!!!) requests for it!

I hope this helps you guys find what you’re looking for!

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Really Cute Short Hairstyles!

This one is for all of you who are searching for short funky hairstyles! I love this braided Mohawk hairstyle that I accomplished the other day on my older sister because it really shows off her very out going personality!

A couple people have been requesting more cornrow hair designs & short hairstyles for black women, and why wondering why I’ve suddenly stopped posting as much lately. Well, that’s because Bunny’s hair has been in box braids for weeks now!

Short Hair Style Advisor: Ideas, Tips and News about Hair

Coming Soon!

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Why Wear Braids Or Twists? fall hairstyles

Braids and twists can be worn for many reasons: to give your hair a rest from daily wear and tear, as a protective hair style or simply because you enjoy the beauty of the hairstyle.

You Don’t Need To Care For Braided Hair!

This statement is wrong. Although your hair is braided or twisted, there is still some care you must provide, such as washing and conditioning, which are always required to keep it healthy and strong.

How Should I Care For My Cornrowed Hair?

I strongly recommend washing your braids with a mild shampoo while wearing a stocking cap to preserve your style!

If you’d like to send in pictures of your cornrow styles to my site or show how my styles turned out for you, please comment. You can also suggest future hairstyles or just say “Hi” to all the other naturals!

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