Rat Tail Comb

I purchased my rat tail comb from JS Beauty & Hair for $2.99 and it’s easily my favorite hair tool.

I use it when I straighten natural hair, for zig-zag parts, and for making perfect parts in all types of cornrow styles and cornrow designs.

Under no circumstances will I use it to comb through natural black hair, because I’d end up scalping the person. The teeth are extremely close together and should NEVER be used to comb through your hair. Use a wide tooth comb instead.

Click here for my page on wide tooth combs!
The head is made from very hard plastic while the “tail” is made from metal. It’s an awesome comb, but no one that everyone needs.

If you only do two-strand-twists, for example, this isn’t something you’d need anytime soon.

However, if you like to try out cornrow designs and other extremely hairstyles, I highly recommend purchasing the Starflite NO.43 by Dupont!

You can buy a rat tail come from hair stores like Sallys or J.S. Beauty. There you will find the kind like I have, the fancy ones with the metal “tail”.

You can find the all plastic ones at any dollar store or your local Walmart or Target.

I prefer the metal ones over the plastic ones, because plastic can splinter or crack, exposing sharp edges. Ouch! Make sure you eyeball your combs before using them in anyone’s hair!

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