Pixie Braids

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Skill level: Intermediate

The look of box braids but in less time, these braids are a fast way to add a dash of sassiness to your everyday look.

This style can be anywhere from chin length to above your shoulders, meaning the only drawback is that you need short hair to pull this look off.

Pixie braids pictures courtesy of Mrs. Jehaan 

You’ll Need:

Start with clean, moisturized, detangled hair for the best results. Part the hair straight back and again from one ear to the other, giving you a clean slate. Ponytail the two sections in the front and one of the ones in the back.

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jehaan

TIP! Because the braids are so short, you can stretch the extensions twice as far by cutting them in half before adding them in.

The smaller the parts, the smaller the braids. Half inch-by-half inch squares are a good size.

To add in the extensions, separate your small box into two parts. Place the halfway point of the extension against your clients head and, taking only their natural hair, pull it over the extension and start a small braid with it.

Braid about an inch, then section the natural hair and extension into three parts and start braiding. This might seem a little difficult at first, but the results are well worth the invisible extension look that everyone’s after.

Keep parting and braiding until you’ve finished the whole head for this chic hair do!

Remember to moisturize your hair as needed and cover you hair with satin or silk at night!

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