Nubian Twists – Tutorial and Guide on how to them perfectly

Nubian twists, Senegalese twists, Two strand twists, Kinky twists…

There are quite a few different types of hair twists out there, some two strand and some three strand.

So the big question is this: What is so great about Nubian twists?

First I wanna point out that any and all of the hair twists I mentioned above make great protective and transitioning hairstyles, so it’s really just a matter of which one you like the best.

Nubian’s are very tight looking. They are the softest twists but also are usually the shortest, so if you prefer long twists, I would consider Senegalese.

To do Nubian Twists correctly, you will need these products:

How to do Nubian Twists:


Nubian’s are different from kinky twists in that the extensions used are already curled in a coil-like pattern. Therefore, the end of the hair does not need to be rodded, curled, or threaded once twisted.

Like all hairstyles with extensions, you run the risk of your own hair being drier than normal.

So to avoid damage, wash with warm to hot water every 2 to 3 weeks, condition well, and moisturize completely.

After washing and conditioning, you need to allow your hair to air-dry – DO NOT USE A TOWEL! – so friction from the towel does not cause roots or twists to become frizzy.

Spray with a water-based moisturizer, followed by nourishing oils to seal in moisture. This will provide sheen and deep penetration to your own hair.

Remember to wrap your hair at night and rinse your twists with warm water before AND after going swimming to cut down on the amount of water your hair can consume.



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