Naturally Curly Hair Growth Comes From The Right Tools

Naturally curly hair is said to grow slower than other hair types, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Healthy natural hair growth can always be expected when you use the right hair tools.

So if you’re wondering which combs, brushes, and other hair accessories are safe for your hair, you came to the perfect spot!

Here you’ll learn what tools are safe to use on your precious curls!


Naturally Curly Hair Tools, Tricks, & Tips:

One of your most used hair tools should be your combs. Make sure that you wash them every week and never use the same comb as anyone else if it can be helped.

Wide Tooth Combs should be the only comb that you use to detangle your hair AFTER you’ve finger detangled. Remember that your hair should be wet and filled with conditioner before you started detangling.

Your Rat Tail Comb should only be used for two things. The first one is to make razor straight parts for flat twists and cornrowing, and the other use is for combing through straightened hair.

Natural bristle hair brushes are a much better choice than regular, cheap hair brushes that can damage your hair, or worse, actually pull it out.

Side combs are a cute choice for people that like to pull back one or both sides of their hair. They can always be used to spice up regular hair buns and ponytails.

Hair Bobbles can be used at the base or end of braids and ponytails to accessorize children’s hairstyles. However, the weight of these hair pieces can cause damage to the hair if left in overnight or for several days.

Other hair tools may include ribbons, beads, headbands, ponytail holders, and other hair accessories.

Remember that beads are cute, but they can and WILL cause breakage if they’re left in too long. Be sure to switch them up every so often. Headbands and ribbons are cute too, you know! And they won’t break the ends of your hair.

Hair supply stores can be a great, cheap way to find hair accessories for both you and your little ones!

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