Protective Natural Hairstyles

Protective natural hairstyles!

To promote natural black hair growth, it is imperative that you incorporate protective styles in your natural hair routine!

On this page, I’m going to share tips and tricks to maximize your natural hair growth through protective styling!

Remember! No beads, hair snaps, ballies, or anything that attaches to the end of the hair! Also, try to limit the use of rubber bands!

Protective Natural Hairstyles:

The art of protective styling!!

So…what is a protective style and why do you need to wear them?

A protective style protects your hair, especially the ends, which are the oldest part of your hair, from rubbing against your clothes, from drying out as quickly, and help protect your hair against breakage.

The goal is to keep these kinds of hairstyles in until you can see new growth. I try to leave protective style in for two week to four weeks.

Remember that it’s to promote new growth, not an excuse to neglect your hair. Your hair still needs to be moisturized and cared for.

Also, be careful not to leave the style in too long! The last thing you want is for your hair to lock up or begin to mat!

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Hair buns only work as a protective style if you leave them alone. Once the hair is up, it’s very important that you don’t remove and comb/brush the hair. Un-tucking the hair to re-moisturize is fine, but don’t use hair tools on the hair again if at all possible, otherwise you can’t consider it protective.

I LOVE updos! Same rules as hair buns apply. You can’t mess with the hair or it’s not a protective style. The style pictured is two strand twists all twisted up into this gorgeous updo! Pretty and protective!

Two Strand Twists:
Bunny is the queen of two strand twists! With our busy schedule, she ends up wearing them A LOT! They’re easy, protective, cute, and lead to some serious big hair when they’re removed for a twist out!

Flat Twists:
We don’t do flat twists that much because *hangs head in shame*, I haven’t practiced them in a long time so I’m not that comfortable doing them anymore =/. P.S. Ever heard of a flat twist out? Once the protective time is up, remove these cute little hair twists for an awesome flat twist out!


Cornrows are my very favorite of all the natural hairstyles out there! I am most comfortable doing them and even after doing hundreds of cornrow styles, there is still so many options left! Love that!

Box Braids:
Phew, look at all those braids! We only do box braids once a year or so because B and I both hate the take down process! No fun at all but they do look pretty!

Which is your favorite of all the awesome Protective Natural Hairstyles out there?

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