Natural Hairstyles: Twist Outs

I think one of the best natural hairstyles to master is a twist out.


Because this hair style looks great on hair of all lengths, textures, and hair types.

I only learned how to do one just recently, but since then I’ve perfected it and get amazing results each time so I wanna share how I do it!

Another thing, as Bunny gets older, she’s more into the natural curly hair styles, more than the hairstyles with beads 🙁 Which stinks because I loved the hair beads!

Keep reading to learn how to achieve this look!

First thing’s first. The secret to AMAZING twist outs is to use two different hair products.

The first thing I always apply is a leave-in conditioner (sometimes Royal Curl, occasionally Original Moxie, often Suave Naturals) and then I apply another product for “hold”, either Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream OR Royal Curl Shaping Crème.

TIP! As you’ll notice in these pictures, she’s nice and comfortable in her jammys and wrapped up in her favorite blanket. Plus the TV was on so there were absolutely NO distractions.

Natural Hairstyles:

her latest length check. This picture was taken the day before I did this twist
out. I only included this picture in the post so you can see how much hair it
took to get her twist out. However, you DO NOT need a whole
lot of hair for this hairstyle. As long as you have at least an inch of hair,
you can do this hairdo!


begin, I sectioned her hair into four different sections and worked one at a
time. Pictured left is what her hair looked like after she
washed it (I honestly have no idea what shampoo she used) and I applied some Royal
Curl leave-in conditioner


is after I added a little Royal
Curl Shaping Crème
 and smoothed it through with my fingers. I didn’t
even have to detangle!
The knots literally just disappeared! Plus it left her hair with lots of hang
time 😀 (For a few minutes anyway.)

the right products were added, I started twisting her hair. In this picture
you’ll notice that her two
strand twists
 on the right side are longer and thinner, while the
ones in the back/left side are thicker and shorter. I worked from left to
right, so her twists on the left had already shrunk while the twists on the
right were still long and fresh. Don’t worry about this too much. It happens.


 Finally, this is what her hair looked like
when all of her twists were in. We kept these in overnight, through the next
day, then we carefully removed them the next evening. I let her add some hair
feathers and she was all set! 


whole process was super easy and the results were well worth it. Thank you so
much for reading, many more African American natural hairstyles coming soon,
and enjoy this brand new year!

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