Natural Hair Oil

So what exactly is the point in using a natural hair oil?

Great question!

Short answer: it keeps the moisture in your hair.

Long answer: it helps you keep your hair healthy by sealing in the moisturizer longer than you hair could by itself.

I haven’t tried every natural hair oil out there, but here is a list of my favorite ones and what I thought of them.

But remember to moisturize first!

TIP! We all know that water and oil don’t mix! Oil can not be used to moisturize (add water to) hair!

Once styled, braid or twist if desired!

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. (Often misspelled: cocoanut oil) is good oil for people with dandruff problems, head lice, or dry hair. Leaves hair feeling soft and shiny.

  3. Castor Oil
  4. (Caster Oil) is great for sealing in moisture, promoting hair growth, thickening hair, and taming frizz, as well as leaving it with a healthy shine. Can also be used for hot oil treatments.

  5. Jojoba Oil
  6. A wax rather than oil, seals in moisture and is a very reliable hair oil. Jojoba oil is one of the only hair products out there that can work for all hair types. Helps keep ends healthy which can help stop breakage.

  7. Peanut Oil
  8. Very cheap, I’ve found this oil to be lighter than any other oil. Great for sealing ends and promoting a healthy shine!

  9. Jasmine Oil
  10. This oil is good for dry scalps and can actually help relief headaches.

  11. Shea Oil
  12. Is a creamy oil used for generations by the people in African, were it originated from. Helps dry scalp problems and seals in moisture.

  13. Grape seed Oil
  14. Is a light, odorless oil that absorbs quickly. Rids hair of dandruff, adds shine, can be used for hot oil treatments, and all hair types.

  15. Olive Oil
  16. There are a lot of olive oil hair benefits, but because it’s such a thick oil, I recommend rinsing it out after it’s sat on your hair for hot oil treatments.

  17. Ylang Ylang Oil
  18. Although can be hard to find, has a rich, deep perfume to it. Helps with skin problems, motion sickness, and reducing high blood pressure.

  19. Safflower Oil
  20. From the family Compositae, can be the solution to essential fatty acid deficiency, blading, and hair loss.

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