Natural Hair Moisturizer

A good natural hair moisturizer does at least one thing: moisturize your natural hair.

Now if you want the moisture sealed in and your hair shiny, seal it with a natural hair oil.

TIP! Oils do not moisturize the hair; they coat the layer with a protective shield, sealing in moisture.

Now if hair isn’t moist, there’s nothing to seal.

Well moisturized natural hair

Water is the best hair moisturizer. Applied directly to the hair and consumed. Grandma may think that she and petrolatum know best, but in reality, greases like Blue Magic are too thick to be applied to hair.

Yes, petrolatum helps dry lips, but that’s because skin is alive. It can make it work with it, whereas all visible hair is dead and can’t handle its pores being clogged.

After using a natural moisturizer hair

Another way to return the moisture is regular conditioner. Section hair into four sections and apply tablespoon of conditioner (give or take) throughout the hair.

Not too much!

Twist hair and cover with a shower cap, then with a towel to keep in the body heat. Let it sink in for half an hour to an hour, then style as usual. DON’T RINSE!

But my preferred method is my own moisturizer which contains one cup of conditioner, three table spoons of peanut oil, and three tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel.

What a difference a natural hair moisturizer makes!

TIP! Remember to seal in moisture with a light oil like peanut oil or jojoba oil right after you moisturize.

Do not, I repeat, do not!, get cheap when it comes to moisturizing your hair. The reason why most black woman have trouble growing their hair, relaxed or natural, is because it’s dry.

Dry hair breaks.

You should moisturize at least once a day. It’s very difficult to over-moisturize African-American hair, so don’t worry about that too much!

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