Natural Hair Growth Tips & Tricks

It seems like everyone wants my natural hair growth secret.

I’m receiving emails about it every day because everyone seems to want longer hair.

However, long hair = more detangling, more stretching, more conditioning, more hair to wash, etc.

More hair equals more work. I can’t stress this enough.

I got this message from Allison F. in Oregon and she writes: The little black has very long hair. She’s mixed, isn’t she?

My answer to her: Yes. She’s African-American mixed with a little more African-American.

Natural Hair Growth:



Mid-back length natural hair

The tricks and tips that I’m using to retain Bunny’s natural hair growth are very simple.

There are three really, really, REALLY big factors that I’ve learned to retain hair length that I will now pass on to you.

Remember, your hair is ALWAYS growing, you’re just not retaining length if you’re not seeing a difference couple of months.

First big thing…Moisturize. Conditioner, leave-in, water, whatever it takes to keep your hair moisturized and soft, put it in and let your hair eat it up.

If your hair is dry, it’ll break and you won’t see a difference in length. Please moisturize your hair every single day. I swear by this. It’s so important.

Second big thing…Properly detangling. If you’re yanking hunks and chucks of hair out every time you comb your hair, you’ll end up in tears for one, and you’ll also end up damaging your hair for another.

You should never hear pieces of your hair popping and you should never be in any type of discomfort while detangling.

Last big thing…Protective Hairstyles. Most hairstyles that I do on Bunny’s hair have her ends tucked up and away, or at the very least have them sealed and are two strand twisted. Trust me when I say that styling curly hair doesn’t have to be hard!

Once a month or so I’ll use beads, but she’s getting older and is starting to lean towards ribbons and headbands over beads, which is better for her hair.


Wet, clean hair

Those three big things are for retaining length.

Using natural hair products, covering your hair before you go to bed, and checking what is in your shampoos and conditioners will insure what your hair is also healthy.

Healthy is more important than length. Don’t forget that.


Wet, detangled, natural hair

I’ve offered to cut Bunny’s hair several times, because I don’t always want to deal with all her hair, but she likes it the way it is and wants to grow it out even longer.

Her current length as of May 21st 2011 is between mid-back length and waist length but you’d never guess it. Why?

Because natural hair hides its length.

Stretching helps show more length and so do twists and cornrows, especially the small ones, but overall it’s very hard to show off all your hair length without blow drying or straightening your hair.

Her hair looks shoulder length when it’s cornrowed or twisted and that’s just something that I’ve accepted and moved on.

I hope this answered all your questions about why her hair “grows so fast” and you’ve learned how you can grow your hair out if you’d like.

Still have questions? There’s more, click here! natural hair growth

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