Natural Hair Care And Braiding

Today I’m going over natural hair care and braiding because often times they go hand in hand.

When you’re dealing with children with natural hair, it’s even more important to do something with their hair to keep it from tangling or matting while it dries and even after.

Be careful with those curls!

Keeping hair moisturized and as stretched as possible help styling so much!


Basket pattern braids

For prepping the hair you’ll need:

First start by thoroughly wetting the hair and add lots of conditioner to detangle without breaking the ends of the hair. Start with your fingers and then use a wide tooth comb. Only after that’s complete, begin washing hair with a pH balanced shampoo.

To wash hair, I recommend parting the hair into at least two sections and working with one section of hair at a time. The reason I did this was because her hair is mid back length, very curly, and quite thick so I needed to make sure I got all of the hair clean.

TIP! Remember to add conditioner over the shampoo before you rinse out to keep from stripping the hair of natural oils.


Fuzzy but stretched hair

At this point the hair has been cleaned and detangled so I’m going to “stretch” it overnight. To do this I simply braided the hair while it was wet to keep from shrinking.

This is what it looked like after she forgot to cover her hair before bed. (Picture above)

For braiding the hair you’ll need:


Red arrows point to the slanted cornrows that I left in, the others are merely to hold the other hair out of the way

Now it’s time to begin the actual braiding so I parted hair in half, from one ear to the other, and secured the back section out of the way for now.

For the basket cornrow look, you need to do the cornrows on a slant and skip every other one as pictured above.


Now the second row of cornrows

Okay now go back and do the missed cornrows but do them slanting the opposite way. It’s really simple and you’ll get it just by looking at the picture.


A little more of the second row

Once the cornrows are done, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with the loose hair in the back.

I did box braids but you can do two strand twists or a twist out if you prefer.

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