Natural Curly Hair – Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

Everyone in my family has natural curly hair.

And today I wanna talk about something that’s very close to my heart and that’s the good hair vs. bad hair topic.

This subject has been around for hundreds of years, and, sadly, will be here long after I’ve left the earth if things don’t change soon.

And I wanna talk about this because of something that happened a few days ago.

natural curly hair” height=

Here’s a picture of two of my sisters who both have what too many people like to call “good hair”

Natural Curly Hair:

I was spending the week with my family, my aunt and her sons at my aunt’s house a few days ago.

My nineteen year old male cousin was walking around and touching all my sisters’ and brothers’ hair and finally he gets to me.

He runs his fingers through it and says (drumroll please):

“Your whole family has good hair.”

He meant it in a good way, but it really did bother me and even made me wince.

The term “good hair” is painful.

When I was little, I would have anything for people to tell me that. Now when people say it to me, I just get this look and spend the next hour educating them on why they should think before they say something.

By saying someone has “good hair”, means your believe that there is a such thing as “bad hair”.

natural curly hair” height=

My eldest sister, Chenise

There are SOOO many different types of hair densities and curl patterns, which I found absolutely incredible (more on this in a second). Think about it. With straight hair (not to bash straight hair in anyway), you can have different lengths, colors, and thickness.

But with curly hair, just by doing a twist out or a braid out or by stretching your hair, you can change how long it looks, how thick it looks, etc.

natural curly hair

My second oldest sister, Kyra

Natural curly hair can be worn straight, as well. I have two older sisters that straighten their hair once or twice a month – often more frequently – and they both retain length beautifully.

The reason why they can do this and I can’t (without experiencing a bunch of breakage and split ends) is because they have a larger curl pattern, meaning they have slightly straighter hair than I do.

I have no regrets about this. Braids last just as long in my hair as theirs does, but they have to wash their hair more. There are cons and pros to every single hair type.


My youngest sister, Bunny

Now, back to what I was saying about different density’s and curl patterns. Bunny is the youngest girl in my family and she has very thick, very long hair. Her hair type is 4A.

I keep her hair stretched, twisted, or braided as much as possible due to the fact her hair is very dry and breaks easily.

natural curly hair

Me (ignore my right eye, I was still recovering from an eye infection) and my second cousin

Summery: If you take anything from this, I want it to be the understanding that there is not need to pick and choose who has better hair than someone else.

Not all natural hair is thick and fluffy. And not all long hair is “good hair”, either.

What everyone should strive for is healthy hair. Throughout this page, you’ve seen several different types of hair.

None of which I would consider “bad”. So please, please put the term “good hair” to rest and learn to love your natural curly hair whether it’s out, down, up, or everywhere.

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How do you feel about the term “good hair”?

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