Let’s Talk Natural Curly Hair Styles!

Natural Curly Hair Styles can be hard to find when you don’t know where to look.

It’s estimated that there are more wavy/curly heads out there than there are people with straight hair – who knew?!

I love the fact that there are SOOO many new hair blogs and websites out, but with all that new information, it can be hard to figure out what works the very best for you.

So I’ve looked for you and collected all the information you’ll need for your Natural Curly Hair.

Natural Curly Hair Styles:


Look at those curlies!

The key to styling curly hair is learning to define your curls and work with them. You don’t need a bunch of curly hair products or heat to make them look nice. All you need is practice.

short haircuts for curly hair

Click picture for short curly hair cuts!

There are a lot of pros to being a short hair holder – which is why I recently traded my mid-back length hair in for a short, edgy hair cut that hangs out around my ears.

Washing and conditioning my hair takes a fraction of the time now.

Short hair is always in!


Care & Keeping:


TIP! It’s always, always better to work with your hair than against it. Its straight, pay it off. It it’s poofy, do a hump ponytail. Just work with it!


What most people don’t know is that you can be one hundred percent African-American and still have wavy, curly, or even straight hair! While most African-American’s have a mixture of both curls and kinks that seem thick and strong, our hair is very fragile and needs to be treated like a baby.

Before you ever pick up a hair brush or comb or touch your hair, whether its permed, relaxed, natural or locked, remember that it’s beautiful and needs to be treated with love to flourish. Gentle handling plays a huge part in your hair length, more than genetics or hair products ever can.

easy curly hair

Need tips on dealing with tangles? We’ve got you covered!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this page on Natural Curly Hairstyles!!!

Let’s Put Natural Curly Hairstyles On The Map!!!

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