Natural Curly Hair Styles

I wanted to make a place to show case all of our natural curly hair styles how to videos, so here it is!

In these videos you’ll see how we do twist outs, braid outs, twist hairstyles, cornrow hairstyles, African American kids hairstyles, and SOOO much more.

Make sure you check back often because I will be updating this page with new videos as often as I can!

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This video will teach you how to do Rope Twists

Rope twists are different than two strand twists because you twist each piece one direction, and then twist the two strands together. 

Sounds cool, huh?

Natural Curly Hair Styles!

Here is a simple hairstyle for teenagers.

I did this style on straightened hair, but it will also work on stretched hair or natural hair.

I got a lot of compliants with this style!

Here is how I blow dry natural hair for trimming or before straightening.

I don’t always blow dry before I straighten, but if I’m short on time, then I will.

Here is a video on how to lightly de-tangle dry, natural hair.

I DO NOT recommend that you dry de-tangle unless you’ve already mastered how to de-tangle on wet hair.

It’s definitely harder!

Quick video on dry de-tangling to achieve an afro.

Like I said a little earlier, there is definitely a learning curve to dry de-tangling!

Take your time and don’t rush!

Here is how I straighten my natural hair.

Learning how to straighten curly hair was definitely a challenge for me, so if you don’t get it right away, know that you’re not the only one!

And finally, a quick run down on Bunny’s natural hair routine!

Per request, how we wash, de-tangle, condition, and moisturize her long natural hair!

Our goal here is provide the best videos and pictures to our viewers and readers as possibly!

We are forever updating, growing, and changing. We love all the support that we’ve received along the way so please do keep it coming!

If you have comments, pointers, or video requests for future African-American hair styles, please leave them in the comment box below. Thanks!

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