Natural Black Hairstyles

The search for natural black hairstyles continues as more women stop perming and texturizing their hair.

The thought of putting down chemicals can be quite scary for some people and I really do understand that.

Sometimes it can be very challenging, especially when you don’t know any other women with natural hair.

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But, here’s the beauty of the Internet: you can connect with other people going through what you are.

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Every two weeks to one month, try doing something new with your hair and post how it turned out for you. Or make up a hair style of your own and contact me about putting it on this natural hair care site!

Natural Black Hairstyles

Braiding Gallery
Braiding Gallery where you’ll find every braided, twisted, and cornrowed hair style on the site. We are always updating it so check back often!

Childrens Hair Style Gallery
The Childrens Hair Style gallery is the place for little girls to find hairstyle designed especially for their age. You’ll find protective hairstyle, fancy updos, and much more!

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Styled Natural Hair Pictures

Help me collect Styled Natural Hair Pictures! The pictures can be with relaxed, straightened, or natural hair but must be specified. Contact me to be featured on the site and comment on your favorite pictures!

Natural Looking Hair Extensions Tutorial
Natural Hair Extensions don’t have to be hard. Here I’ll show you how to do a braided Mohawk hairstyle, but this is the way I do all extension braided hairstyles, everything from braided ponytails to simple cornrows. Once you’ve gotten this down, you’ll be able to do all types of hairstyles.

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Rope Braid Tutorial
The Rope Braid is the other common two strand braid, but much faster than the fish bone braid. Once finished, this braid looks just like a piece of rope, hence the name.

Dutch Braid Tutorial
The Dutch Braid is an inverted French braid, given it more dimension than the French braid. This braid is the very same as a cornrow. I learned to Dutch braid long before I learned to French braid, so this is a good place to start.

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Bantu Knots Tutorial
Bantu Knots, also called Zulu knots, are a great protective style and conversion starter. These hair buds are created by wrapping the hair around itself to create a hair knot.

Afro Tutorial
Natural Afro Hair. Where do I begin? The beauty and statement if this style passes all other hairstyles from braided mohawks to any cornrow style you could ever think of, hands down. Arguable the most natural you can get, right up there with dreadlocks.

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Afro Puff Tutorial
Afro Puffs. Wearing one or several afro puffs is a good choice if your hair isn’t long enough for a ponytail yet, you like the look of it, or are having one of those days when you need a ten minute hairstyle.

Stretching Hair Tutorial
Wondering how to straighten hair without using a million different products and a thousand degrees of heat? Actually, you don’t need any heat at all! I learned how a little while ago and now I wanna pass it on to you! Enjoy!

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Curling Hair Tutorial
Wondering how to curl hair? There are a lot of different ways you can go about, no matter how long, short, curly, or straight your hair is. With all the new hair rollers and curlers and blogs out there, there’s really no reason why you can’t have big curls or long ringlets.

Comb Coils Tutorial
Comb Coils are one of the most versatile natural black hairstyles when it comes to natural hair styles. These cute curls can be done on big chopped hair all the way up to hair halfway down your back!

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Natural Hair Straightening Tutorial
Natural Hair Straightening can be a challenge, due to how thick and kinky natural hair can be. But relax, because we have steps and tips to make whole process go by a little faster and a little easier.

Twist Out Tutorial
If you want big curly hair but your curly pattern is very tight, a twist out is probably what you’ve been looking for. It makes thick, fluffy hair into curls with circumference of a pencil, marker, or even a piece of sidewalk chalk, which ever you prefer. Keep reading to learn the art of perfecting the twist out!

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Come again soon for many more natural black hairstyles!!!

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