Natural Black Hair Care Routine

Natural black hair care routine, per request. Bunny’s hair routine to be more precise.

On this page I am gonna give African American hair growth tips, share some of our favorite protective natural hairstyles, and talk about how I grew my little sister’s hair down to her butt.

The care & keeping of those curls!!!

Keep in mind that this is what works for us, but it may or may not work for your curls =)

After being washed in six loose braids

Natural Black Hair Care Routine: Washing:

Our washing process is a little bit different than most naturals. Under no circumstances will I just let Bunny wash her hair with it all out and down.

I did that one time. Believe me, there are some mistakes that you only have to make once (which is probably a good thing).

Before getting her hair wet, I will put B’s hair in a six very loose braids.

I start the braids about two inches down from her scalp. This way she can easily slide her fingers under her braids and scrub her scalp with the balls of fingers.

Our favorite shampoos for washing are below:

I de-tangle her hair in manageable sections

Natural Black Hair Care Routine: De-Tangling:

De-tangling natural hair correctly is SOOO important! If done incorrectly, you will encounter breakage.

I always de-tangle right after Bunny’s washed her hair and deep conditioned (we are still looking for a good deep conditioner =/). This is when I begin taking her six braids down, only removing one at a time.

I’ll add a generous amount of conditioner and then I finger de-tangle from the bottom and work my way up.

I use my fingers because combs and brushes just aren’t gentle enough. It’s very important to use your fingers to get some of the shed hair out and the knots.

Once that is finished, I’ll run a Denman Brush through her hair to remove any leftover shed hair.

Our favorite conditioners for de-tangling are below:

Ghana braids on wet hair to stretch the hair out for styling!

Natural Black Hair Care Routine: Prep-Work for Styling:

By now I’ve probably spent an hour on her hair and it’s clean, deep conditioned, de-tangled, and almost ready for styling!

If we’re doing a down & out hairstyle, I’ll two strand twist her hair with two products. The first will be a water-based, leave in conditioner or natural hair moisturizer. Once that is applied, I will add a shea-butter or oil-based product for “hold”, then I’ll twist it.

If we’re planning on a cornrow hairstyle, then I will go ahead and stretch her hair. Stretching is a heatless way to “streeeetch” out B’s hair, which allows styles to last longer, keeps her hair from tangling while I’m working with it, and shows off more length!

Clean, de-tangled, stretched hair that is all ready for styling =)

Natural Black Hair Care Routine: Styling:

We’ve been on a protective styling kick lately and it’s very boring! I hate it but B’s hair loves it.

What we’re going to be doing for the next couple of days/weeks ultimately determines how I will style B’s hair. If she’s going to around lots of friends and family, hanging out, birthday parties, getting together with her friends, then I will usually go with a beautiful twist out.

On the other hand, if she will be doing lots of swimming, be outside during hot days, gymnastics competitions, etc, I’ll do some type of cornrow hairstyle.

Our favorite moisturizing products for styling are below:

Our favorite “holding” products for styling are below:

A simple hairstyle using Bee Mine hair Products

Natural Black Hair Care Routine: Daily Care:

For braids/twists…Each day I remind her to moisturize the ends of her braids, cornrows, or twists. We use Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and that’s it.

For loose hair… I will add a little moisturizer at night and then put her hair into a couple of chunky braids. We use Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and that’s it.


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Stay beautiful!


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