Natural Afro Hair

Natural Afro Hair…

Where do I begin? The beauty and statement if this style passes all other hairstyles from braided mohawks to any cornrow style you could ever think of, hands down.

Arguable the most natural you can get, right up there with dreadlocks.

TIP! I don’t recommend wearing this hairstyle everyday unless your hair is short enough that it doesn’t rub against your clothes, which can cause breakage.

Photo courtesy of Shakya Cheeks in Atlanta, GA

There really is no wrong way to do this hairdo. You probably want to start with clean hair and just fluff it up by lightly wetting your hair, then combing it upwards.

For those of you that love big, bouncy curls, dry doing a Bantu-knot out. Bantu knots are made by twisting the hair around itself until you’ve formed a “knot”.

Do not do this on soaking wet hair, because it’ll take days to dry. Slightly damp hair works better.


For an even bigger afro hairdo, try using a blow dryer on wet hair and blow dry it upwards! Remember to use a heat protector though!

If you’re one of the many woman with several different curl patterns, dry doing a braid or twist out. This will help form each curl into the same shape and roughly the same length.


To change up the look, try dressing it up with long earrings or a headband somewhere in there.

The biggest thing is to have fun with it and feel good about yourself!

Click here for more ideas on how to keep your Natural hair long and strong!

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