Natural African American Hair Care – Protecting the hairline

Natural African American hair care can be a challenge for some people, while a walk in the park for others.

One thing I get asked about a lot is how I can style my little sisters (and my hair for that matter) with flat twists and braids every week, yet maintain a healthy hairline.

First thing I wanna point out is that how strong your hairline is varies from person to person. Mine is quite fragile (due to getting relaxer at a young age), while Bunny’s is remarkably strong.

Okay, just wanted to throw that out there.

natural african american hair care

Natural African American Hair Care:

Let me start by saying that it’s not always easy and sometimes I do encounter breakage from cornrows and twists.

I know how to keep it from happening, but I’m only human and sometimes I do forget or I’m so engrossed in what’s on TV that I don’t noticed until she says I’m pulling too hard.

Don’t judge me, I’m still a work in progress but am learning more every day 🙂

 natural african american hair care

Notice the way her is braided in a wide variety of different ways

The main thing I do to eliminate breakage is style her hair in a variety of different ways.

Maybe the first week it’ll be a braided ponytail, then next an updo, then box braids, then a braided Mohawk, and so on and so forth, to make sure that all her hair “wears evenly” I guess you could say.

Instead of always being pulled back, which would almost be guaranteed to cause breakage along the front of your hair.

 natural african american hair care

Bangs with/out beads!

Another great tip is to do a braided headband (it can be as thin or as think as you like) along the hairline, which takes away the need to pull those shorter hairs back altogether.

Just make sure you don’t do it too tightly. There should be no pain or white bumps.

The secret to healthy natural hair care is to always be gentle!

black curly hair styles

Braided headband!

If nothing else, pull it forward a bit, do a couple of cornrows, and throw some beads on them for cute bangs! You can do crazy with beads or shells, without having to damage the hairline!

Summary: Mix it up! Get creative! You can do really cute hairstyles while both retaining length and protecting the hairline, you just gotta think outside the box a little bit.

Good luck!

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