Need a mohawk hairstyle?

My most requested ‘do is a Mohawk hairstyle.

I absolute LOVE doing Mohawks, which is awesome because that’s usually what my sister’s want to wear.

But I also get contacted a lot asking for another Mohawk style.

So here I’ve listed all the Mohawks I’ve done (or at least the ones I have pictures of) for easy browsing.

Enjoy and don’t forget to “like” this page!

braided mohawk

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Mohawk Hairstyle Gallery:

Girly Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Braided Mohawk style for African American natural hair! This is a free style cornrow hair designs with lots of juicy two strand twists! I started to do fishbone cornrows, but B insisted on a Mohawk! Mohawk hairstyles are her absolute favorite!

Rock Star Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Mohawk hairstyles for naturally curly hair anyone? Bunny’s first gymnastics competition of the season is tomorrow so I let her decide what her style would be. (Yes, I’ll admit that more than half the time I’m a horrible older sister and pick her styles for her, which, in my defense, she always loves regardless).

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Halloween Inspired Braided Mohawk Tutorial
Anyway, with Halloween right around the corner, Bunny said she really wanted a hairstyle that had spiders in it like this post way back when. That was last Halloween and I’ve gotten better at braiding so I really went crazy with this one!

Woven Cornrows Braided Mohawk Tutorial
This is my first of many hairstyles for thick curly hair. It’s the first cornrow design, braided Mohawk hairstyle that I’ve ever done but it turned out nicely and I absolutely love it!

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Braided Mohawk for Women Tutorial
The latest of my hairdos for curly hair is this half Mohawk, braided hawk type thing. I don’t really know what else to call it. My sister, Julie, volunteers with horses and disabled children so she wanted something very simple that she could wear to the stables for the next week or so and here’s what I came up with.

Rope Twisted Braided Mohawk Tutorial
I wanted to do rope twists; Bunny wanted a braided Mohawk, so I combined the two for this hairstyle! I did this hairstyle on previously styled hair and I think it turned out great! What do you think?

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Half Braided Mohawk w/ Glow In The Dark Beads Tutorial
Name: Black hairstyles medium hair length half Mohawk with beads. (Meaning this style was designed for medium hair length.) Sorry if the style name doesn’t really make any sense, it was named by a nine year old…

Easy Braided Mohawk Tutorial
So I had the pleasure of doing my second cousins hair the other day. At first I was a little bit nervous after hearing several relatives talk about just how tendered headed she was! Check out the experience and the style here!

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Dramatic Braided Mohawk w/ Extensions Tutorial
Turning heads and receiving compliments from all, a Braided Mohawk is a hairstyle only for the daring! The key to mastering this style is using the most unique braids imaginable leading up to the curly/wavy/straight hair.

Easy Cutsy Braided Mohawk Tutorial
The frohawk look is the new thing for me. I love the look of someone embracing their natural hair and I love braided Mohawks, so it’s the best of both worlds! That plus the fact that curly hair is always in fashion!

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