Messy Bun

Achieving the perfect messy bun is really quite easy.

You don’t need any special skills or tools to get this look, either.

As a matter of fact, because this hair style is supposed to look sloppy, there really is no way to possibly mess it up!

Photo courtesy of Nicole

You’ll Need:

Start with clean, detangled hair. Begin by brushing your hair back into a smooth, high ponytail. Make sure your hair is free of any lumps or bumps.

TIP! You can add a braided headband or do Dutch braids in the front of your hair if you’d like!

Now that your hair is secure, start taking pieces of the hair and randomly tucking them back into the ponytail holder as shown in the picture above. That’s all there is to it! Keep doing this until there are only a few pieces left hanging out.

This part is optional, but you can use a rat tail comb and rat up the ends for added messiness. Caution to anyone with dry, curly, or textured hair, because ratted hair can be difficult to detangle later on.

FACT! We are born with all our hair follicles. Some are programmed to grow pigmented hair (as on our scalp) up to 3 feet in length or longer. Sadly, most African-Americans end up breaking their hair long before it reaches such lengths.

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