Medium Hairstyles for Women With Natural Hair

As requested, more medium hairstyles for women and shoulder length hairstyles posts!

I’ve been wearing my hair out a lot lately, so it was way past time to pull my hair UP!

Because it is winter time, I’ve been trying to wear more hair buns, but it doesn’t always happen.

Anyway, I washed and conditioned my hair with my favorite ENJOY hair products: my ENJOY Sulfate-Free Luxury Shampoo and then conditioned with ENJOY Luxury Conditioner.

Needless to say, my hair was super clean and super soft!

More on this hair style below!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

What I started with!
Big, crazy, wild hair don’t care!

To begin this hair style, I parted my hair with a two inch side part. I almost always part my hair on my right, but either side will work.

Using that part, I did a small chuck in the front, about two inches deep and from that part down to my ear. This hair is “the bangs”.

Some of my best hair twists yet!

I clipped the rest of my hair out of the way and began two strand twisting that front area for my side swept bangs look.

I think rope twists or three strand twists would look super cute, but I stuck with basic two strand twists because I love those twist outs the best.

Back View of the hair style

After I’d done all the twists (I think I did around ten) I pulled them to the side and bobby pinned them so they’d stay put through-out my day.

Next, I pulled the rest of my hair into a messy bun and secured it with a ponytail holder. If you’re more into ponytail hairstyles, you can always put the back in a ponytail instead.

Lastly, I added a headband and I was good to go!

Top View of this hair style

I plan on doing a twist out with the bangs in the front!

Thank you for reading and take care! Feel free to comment!

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