Medium Curly Hair Style

I was asked by J.G. to do a hair style for a medium curly hair length little girl with lots and lots of shrinkage!

This lady – J.G. – asked me to do a natural hair style that showed off some length, could last at least two to three weeks, and that could easily be maintained on a daily basis.

Despite what I originally thought, all that was no problem at all!

Here’s the hairstyle that I came up!

Enjoy 😀

Because this hair style was going to be extremely difficult to explain, I made a how to video for this hair style instead. Hopefully it’ll all make sense! It’s right below this, enjoy!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

More Pictures 😀

I love this hair style because we can change it up a lot!

I keep hearing people say that protective styling is boring, when that couldn’t be further from the truth!

You can change your style into an updo one day, leave some twists/braids out in the front for bangs, do a ponytail hairdo, and on and on!

Get creative!

I will help Bunny maintain this cornrow design by wrapping her hair at night, moisturizing the ends of the braids every morning, and misting the cornrows with a little curl fresher every other day. And that’s it!

I really, REALLY hope you love this style J.G.

And don’t forget, I have to braid Bunny’s hair every week or so anyway, so it might as well be something that you want to see!

Click here to request a special hair style!

Thank you so much for reading! Keep the love, comments, and support comin’ our way! We appreciate them all so much!

Be blessed & stay beautiful!

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