Medium Curly Hair Styles

Awesome medium curly hair styles anyone?

I have been really wanting to do a cornrow hairstyle in Bunny’s hair for about a week or so now but between school and music and gymnastics several times I week I just didn’t have enough time until today.

I got to use my Royal Curl Soothing Oil on her hair before I cornrowed it and I really liked it.

A full review on that product coming as soon as I have some extra free time!

medium curly hair styles

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

medium curly hair styles

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

medium curly hair styles

Let it be known by all that I DID NOT think up this hairstyle.

It’s actually a copycat hairstyle from this really cool hair blog called: Childrens Hair Beauty. I saw this hairdo and I HAD to snag it.

The blog owner is very nice and let me do her hairdo. Quick shout out to Ms. Nama!

medium curly hair styles

To begin this hairstyle, I parted a section of Bunny’s hair in the front of her head, about three inches thick and did about nine or ten cornrows going straight back.

When I finished each cornrow, I tied it off with a pink rubber band.

You can use any type of rubber bands!

medium curly hair styles

The back section was a little bit harder but you’ll probably be able to figure it out by looking at the pictures above and below.

I think the coolest part is the little circle in the middle of the back section. Overall this hairstyle took me about an hour and half and I’m hoping to get at least a week and half to two weeks out of it.

Bunny’s really hard on hairstyles so we’ll see!

medium curly hair styles

I hope you enjoyed this hair style!

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