Latest Mens Hairstyles

The latest mens hairstyles!

Well, just one style actually, I forgot to take pictures of the others.

Anyway, I’ve been getting requests for more cornrow styles for men and hairstyles for young men so thought I’d sneak this post in!

I’ve been doing my little brother’s hair in cornrows, but I haven’t been doing anything special so I didn’t bother posting.

Well, I took pictures this time!

The latest of my cornrow hairstyles!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled hair. (His hair is still pretty short – only 5 inches – so I haven’t really found a way to stretch it yet!)

How to instructions are going to be a little tough with this one.

I free styled actually, just alternating between straight-ish and curvy cornrows until I’d finished all of his hair.

I cornrowed his hair while it was damp, but stretch hair usually lasts longer!

Remember to moisturize the ends, nape area, and hairline daily – because breakage happens there the easiest!

TIP! Try using two different hair products for the best results! A creamy leave in conditioner OR a moisturizing natural hair moisturizer first, and then follow up with a holding butter or styling cream for the best results!

Below are the pictures I took to achieve the hairstyle. I hope they can explain better than I can!

We love the results!

Quick, easy, and a great protective hair style!

Three cheers for cornrow hairstyles!

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