Kids Hairstyles, Interviews, & More!

Here is where the kiddos share kids hairstyles, their hair routine, hair tips, and anything else that may come to mind 🙂

Please answer the following questions and send it all to this email address:

Naturalhaircareinfo at gmail (.) com.

Li’l miss thang!!

“You never know who you may just inspire!”

PSST! Don’t know what to write? Check out some of our little curlies posts for inspiration!

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*Little Curly ‘Princess’

*Little Curly ‘Keyanna’

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Questions to answer:

Tell us a little about your little one!

Family favorite activities/hobbies/interests?

What is your childs hair care routine like?

What kind of hair products do you use?

Any hair pet peeves we should know about?

Do you use heat/chemicals on your child?

How did you learn to take care of their hair?

How does your child feel about their hair texture/length??

Please share THEE most important hair tip that you’ve learned!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Once you’ve answered all of the questions, please send the whole interview and as many pictures as you like to email address shared above!

Pictures will be water marked but will not be shared on any other website or given out.

I started Natural Hair Care Info so other people can learn all the advantages and challenges of maintaining coily hair.

You will soon learn that wearing natural hair styles can be easy once you’ve mastered the trade of defining your curls and keeping your hair moisturize with proven advice and hair care recipes.

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