Kids Braids, Ponytails, & Updos Hairstyle Gallery

Welcome to the kids braids and twist hairstyle gallery!

All of the natural hairstyles on this page hairstyles for kids!

We love seeing your children’s hairstyles as well!

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hairstylesHairstyles for School“cornrowsCornrows Designs
frohawkCurly Frohawkbraided mohawkBraided Mohawk
cornrowCornrow BraidszigZig Zag Braids
miniMini Buns“hairstylesHairstyles with Braids
braidedBraided BunbraidedBraided Ponytail
naturalWaffle CornrowsblackBlack Hair Twists
Spider CornrowscornrowCornrow Hairstyle
blackWoven Cornrows Mohawk HairstylealiciaAlicia Keys Braids


Black Natural Hairstyle



Bun Hairstyle

africanSide Iversion Braids & Rope Twists“twoMini Two Strand Twists
curlyIversion Braids & Box BraidslittleLittle Girl Hairstyle
partyParty HairstylesshoulderChristmas Hairstyle

I hope you’ve enjoyed these natural African America kids hairstyles!

Each hair ‘do was designed to flatter and compliment kids hairs!

I hope you loved these childrens hairstyles as much as we do!!!

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Why Wear Braids Or Twists?

Braids and twists can be worn for many reasons: to give your hair a rest from daily wear and tear, as a protective hair style or simply because you enjoy the beauty of the hairstyle.

You Don’t Need To Care For Braided Hair!

This statement is wrong. Although your hair is braided or twisted, there is still some care you must provide, such as washing and conditioning, which are always required to keep it healthy and strong.

How Should I Care For My Cornrowed Hair?

I strongly recommend washing your braids with a mild shampoo while wearing a stocking cap to preserve your style!

If you’d like to send in pictures of your cornrow styles to my site or show how my styles turned out for you, please contact me here! You can also suggest future hairstyles or just say “Hi” to all the other naturals!

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