Iverson Hair Braiding Styles

As requested, a page on how to do iverson hair braiding styles (also called fishbone cornrows) plus lots of pictures of the process!

For more ideas, make sure you check out our cornrow gallery!

The trick behind these cornrows designs is to use a rat tail comb, take your time, and keep the hair as neat and sectioned as possible!

The sharper the parts are the better the style looks.

For Iverson Hair Braiding Styles you’ll need:

For the best looking cornrows, I HIGH recommend that you start with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

Pictured left is how I parted her hair. I parted in half first, clipping the left side out of the way. After that, I parted the right section into three different sections.

I began in the bottom right section. I used a mixture of hair clips and ponytail holders to keep the rest of her hair out of the way. I parted that section in half, the horizontal way. I began cornrowing her hair, making the cornrows go downward.

For clearity, I’ll call that section “A-right”. Look at the picture on the left. After that I began cornrowing her hair. The cornrows start at the top of the section and the bottom, meeting in the middle.

So the top row of the cornrows in section A-right meet in the middle, where I did a simple cornrow with the free hair going towards the middle part (the original part, the one that halved her hair).

After that fancy cornrow design, I moved up a little bit and did a single, simple cornrow, tying it off with a green rubber band.

After the single cornrow, I did another iversion cornrow design with the next section, which I will call B-right.

After I did the B-right design, I did another single cornrow.

I finished out the last section with the iversion cornrows, which I’ll call C-right. At the very end I did a single cornrow in front of that and was completely finished with all the cornrowing.

After I finished the side cornrows, I moved to the other side and did loose, rope twists. If I could redo this hairstyle, I would make the sister twists/rope twists be regular two strand twists instead because they’re much fuller. Oh well, I’m still very pleased on how her hair turned out.


Here’s what the back looked like!

Alright so I began by sectioning Bunny’s hair into four different sections as shown left. I washed it with Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoo and then added Royal Curl Moisture Whip Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner.

Starting with the section on the top right, I split it in half and did a single cornrow going on the diagonal. I then used a little Original Moxie Lux Locks to moisturize. I like this product because it moisturizes and softens curls without making them shrink up.

After that I did six cornrows going straight down from the single cornrow, using up the leftover hair in that section (the top right one).

Once I’d done that, I took the loose ends and flat twisted then towards the middle of her head. Look at the picture to the left.

I did the same thing on the other side and also on the top of her head. Look closely at the parts. I really wish I’d taken better pictures. Sorry about that. On the top of her head, however, I made the two different sections meet, and then I Dutch braided the loose ends.

And here is what the top looked like when it was all completed. These cornrows are called iversion cornrows.

I think they’re a little bit prettier than regular cornrows but to each his own.

Lastly, I finished up with about thirty to thirty-five box braids and that was it.

The whole hair style only took about two hours and I’m hoping to get three weeks out of it.

If you have questions on either of these Iverson Hair Braiding Styles or if you enjoyed this page, feel free to leave a comment below!

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