How to Straighten Hair Without Heat

Wondering how to straighten hair without using a million different products and a thousand degrees of heat for cornrow hairstyles and designs?

Actually, you don’t need any heat at all!

I learned how a little while ago and now I wanna pass it on to you!

Hopefully you’ll be able to use these tips and tricks!


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Big, stretched out hair!

The first thing you need to do is wash your hair.

I recommend using a pH balanced, sulfate-free shampoo.

Once your hair is cleaned (you can condition if you want, I didn’t just because I’d done that two or three days before) and detangled, it’s on to braiding!

From start to finish, you’ll need:

curly girl hair

By braiding your hair while wet, you make it impossible for your hair to shrink up to your ears like 4A typically does.

Look at the picture above to see how I did this. I think I did ten braids in all.

I used Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream to moisturize before I braided.

braid out

I actually left the weaves in for a day, then combed them out the next day for big, stretched hair

The most important thing is that you DO NOT take the braids out until your hair is fully dried.

A great tip is to wash and braid your hair around four or five p.m., that way your hair will have all evening, night, and morning to dry until you have school or work or whatever.

braid out

Another picture of the braids

Once your hair is fully dried, take one braid out a time, and use your wide tooth comb to gently comb the waves out.

I highly recommend that you only take one braid out a time, this way your hair can’t get all tangled up in the process.

And that’s pretty much the whole process!

Try out the method, then change it up to make it match your hair type/texture/length/etc.

So, have you ever tried this or will you try it soon?

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