How To Make Hair Bows

I only taught myself how to make hair bows (or flowers, whatever you wanna call them) about two (?) weeks ago.

Each time I did it, they came out a lot better than I could have hoped for.

With two successes under my belt, I decided to put together a quick hair bow how to while doing my latest one for anyone whose interesting in trying it out for themselves!


How to Make Hair Bows:

how to make hair bows

The finished project

The things you’ll need…

  • A T-shirt
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Hard paper
  • A large mug
  • Tiny beads (optional)

how to make hair bows

The shirt I used

The first thing is you need some type of cloth. You can either buy it or just use an old shirt like I did.

I used an orange halter top that was too small for me. It was too short length-wise for me to wear, but the cloth was still in great condition.

I think leather or jean would be really cute too.

how to make hair bows

As soon as I cut the circles out, the corners curled up. Don’t worry about that though

The next step is probably the only boring one. That’s the cutting of the shirt. I used a regular pair of scissors to cut out circles about the size of the bottom of a cereal bowl.

However, the bow ended up being HUGE, so smaller circles work a little better. I ended up with between 35-40 circles, and I used every single one of them!

how to make hair bows

The hard paper circle I used

The next part is to cut out a circle to build the flower on. I used a very hard paper, but felt, cardboard, or leather would work as well.

The circle is going to be covered by the flower petals on one side, with a headband under it, then a piece of cloth sandwiching the headband in, so what you use is not that important.

how to make hair bows

Add a tiny dot of glue in the middle…

Now for the fun part! Using your hot glue gun, drop a small dot of glue in the middle of one of your circles and let it dry for a second, then pinch the bottom and twist it. Look below for the picture.

how to make hair bows

….Then pull the corners up around the glue, pinching it together inside the bottom of the petal

I let Bunny hold the hot glue gun while I held the cirles, she’d put a dot of glue in the middle of the circle (or all over me which burned a lot), and I twisted the bottom.

We did this to every circle, then started glueing them onto the hard paper, starting from the outside and building are way into the middle. Look below for the picture.

how to make hair bows

Slowly building the flower, one petal at a time

Lastly, I glued a large clear bead into the middle of one of the petals, and centered it in the middle of the rose. Then Bunny glued small beads all over the flower. One of these days I WILL make the flower into a head band!

Thanks so much for checking out this page on how to make hair bows!

What about you? Do you know a great tutorial on how to make hair bows out of velvet or how to make duct tape flowers? Hit me up with an email right here!!

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