How to French Braid

Here’s the requested page on how to French braid!

These page includes different types of French braid hair styles, tips, plus a how to hair video!

I really hope this page answers everyone’s questions and remember that you can contact me with your hair style reqests!



Here’s a quick video on how to do French Braids. I really hope this helps you learn!

For those who prefer to read to learn:

“howStep 1: Begin with damp hair for straighter hair types, but stretched and dry for curly/kinky hair types.

Regardless of how what your hair type is, make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled!

Step 2: Cross the left section over the center section, then cross the right section over the center section. Take your time and try to gather the same about of hair each time!

Step 3: Beginning on the right side, use a finger to gather a small strand (about 1 inch) of loose hair next to the right section. Join the hair into the right section.

Step 4: Cross the right section over the center section, then cross the left section over the center section.

“howStep 5: Gather hair on the left side like you did on the right. Repeat sequence until all loose hair is gathered.

Step 6: Braid the remaining hair as usual to complete. Secure with a ponytail holder, hair ribbon, or a hair elastic.

That’s it!

This hair style is very simple! I’ve seen kids as young as seven and eight pick it up!

If you don’t get it first time, don’t get discouraged! You’ll get it!

Good luck! Thank you for reading!

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