How fast does hair grow?

Interesting question.

I think we’ve all heard the myths that African-American hair grows very slowly, or never at all, but think about this and I really want you to grasp this.

You shed at least a hundred hairs every day, so if AA hair doesn’t grow, why aren’t you bald after just a few years of living?

Because natural hair grows!

how fast does hair grow

How Fast Does Hair Grow?!?!

If you’re not getting at least four inches of growth a year, you’re doing something wrong…

To find out how fast your hair grows, you need to begin by taking care of it.

Gentle detangling, protective hairstyles, keeping your ends moisturized…it’s really not that hard and quite simple once you learn what works for you.

how fast does hair grow

The above picture shows how quickly my hair grows when I take good care of it.

It’s a whole another story when I don’t care of it. I say my hair grows about average for a girl my age. I’ve heard people say that my hair grows fast for a black person, which isn’t true.

Regardless of age, race, religion, etc…Everyone’s hair grows…

Now, getting into the science aspect of it, hair grows roughly half an inch per month, which equals to six inches a year.

That’s half a foot!

That’s a lot!

What you do with that growth, however, is entirely up to you. If you wanna straighten your hair every single day and keep trimming it, then yes, you probably won’t get all the growth that is promised to you. So be mindful of that.

african american childrens hairstyles

Don’t forget to take care of those ends!

This website was starting with the intention of showing people that African-American (especially African American natural hair) hair can grow like a weed, and that we’re typically responsible for why our hair is breaking off and falling out.

Look at people with Dreadlocks. They grow so rapidly because their hair is left alone. I’m not saying that you can’t play with your hair and have fun, but know that your hair is capable of incredible things when and if you just give it a chance.

how fast does hair grow

No, her ends aren’t damaged. Her hair is very stretched and she two strand twisted her own hair for the first time but I forgot to tell her to twirl the ends.

Summary: Learn to properly take care of your hair. This can take weeks if not months, so don’t get discouraged. I’ve been natural for three years and I am still learning stuff that I never knew.

There is A LOT of false information out there so I can understand where the confusion comes from. Take in what works for you, and discard the rest. Good luck! And thank you for reading how fast does hair grow?

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