Healthy African American Hair

Maintaining healthy African American hair is next to impossible if you don’t know how to properly wash and detangle your hair.

Stripped, matted hair won’t be able to retain length and look or be as healthy as clean, neat hair will.

I briefly touched on how I wash Bunny’s hair before, but I’ve perfected the system since then and I really wanna share it with you all!

healthy african american hair

A week worth of shed hair and a Lego thing for comparison

For Complete Washing, Conditioning, Detangling, & Stretching Routine, check out this video!!!

This may seem strange to some of you, but before I washed her hair, I actually put her hair into six braids – two of the braids on either side of her face, two next to her ears, and the last ones going down her back.

I’ve heard of this method but I always thought it would be hard to get the hair and scalp clean. Let me tell you right off the bat, it wasn’t.

healthy african american hair

Hair before washing in braids

The whole process started with dirty hair that had been in braids for more than a week. She and I carefully removed the cornrows one at a time, then working through any strands that were stuck together.

Notice I said we “worked” through them: not we pulled or yanked them apart.

healthy african american hair

After being washed in braids and a quick comb through

The above pictures shows what her hair looked like after I’d washed her with Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo by Naked, then used a wide tooth comb and gently combed through her hair.

She had two or three knots throughout her whole head, but that’s it!

healthy african american hair

This is what her hair looked like right after washing

As you can see, her braids shrunk up several inches, but the braids prevented her hair from entangling, which is why this method rocks.

I’ll admit that there was one thing I disliked about caring for natural hair and that was detangling, but that’s not the case anymore.

healthy african american hair

Left: A braid that’s been detangled
Right: One that wasn’t been yet

I did her hair in six different sections, but if you have less hair, you could probably get away with four sections.

For babies, two braids are probably good enough. Try out a few different ways and find out what works best for you!

Thanks for reading our tips on healthy African American hair!

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